Costa Drive Thru Shell build Bromsgrove and Walsall




16 weeks per site




November 2022

As part of a scheme to offer more choice to customers Morrisons have revitalised their existing car parks through the provision of new drive thru Costa Coffee shops.
Princebuild were tasked with the design and build project to deliver the shell buildings in Morrisons store car parks in Bromsgrove and Walsall.
The work involved making alterations to the car parks to accommodate the new buildings and the laying of foundations and associated drainage to allow the floor slab to be laid.
A steel frame was then erected with roofing and cladding, including decorative timber cladding, added to form the shell of the building.
Princebuild also undertook the installation of curtain walling and auto doors and connected services to the buildings. The furniture in the outdoor seating areas was also installed by Princebuild to complete the project.
Both projects were completed on active sites, working in limited space in busy car parks. This meant the sites had to be kept very tidy and organised with accurately scheduled deliveries.
Some other unforeseen issues also had an impact on the projects, an embargo on work in the highway in Birmingham for the Commonwealth Games delayed the connection of services and the programmes had to be adjusted to accommodate this.
Also a key subcontractor went into administration before the end of the Walsall build meaning several elements had to be completed via alternative means at short notice.
These issues were successfully overcome and the client has since given instruction on similar projects to continue to improve customer choice at Morrisons stores.

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