Commercial Strip Out – Victoria Centre, Nottingham


£2 million


22 weeks


Workman-Global London


January 2024

Project Overview:

The Victoria Shopping Centre, a prominent retail destination in Nottingham, recently underwent a substantial renovation project, completed in January 2024. The 22-week project was commissioned with the primary goal of reconfiguring existing retail space to accommodate a new retailer. The transformation involved intricate design, structural alterations, and essential upgrades, positioning the centre as a more versatile and modern retail space.

Scope of Work:

A comprehensive design approach was adopted to create a versatile retail core space. The project manager worked closely with stakeholders to ensure alignment with expectations. Architects, consultants, and engineers worked together to produce detailed plans that catered to the unique requirements of the project. Significant structural alterations were made to existing retail units, involving stripping the unit back to its core. Former stairwells, lifts, and service risers were filled to convert the two-floor unit into a single-level space. The structural design aimed to optimise space for the incoming retailer while maintaining the integrity and safety of the building. Landlord storerooms were established, and adjustments were made to existing corridors. Upgrades included enhancements to the sprinkler and fire alarm systems, lighting, and ventilation, reflecting a commitment to safety and energy efficiency. A new shopfront was designed and installed, tailored to the specific needs of the incoming retailer.


The Victoria Shopping Centre’s renovation project represents a dynamic endeavour to modernise and revitalise a crucial retail destination in Nottingham. With completion achieved in January 2024, the project sets the stage for an enhanced retail experience, promising positive impacts on both the local retail landscape and the satisfaction of visitors to the Victoria Shopping Centre.


Thank you, AND personally, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the site manager’s management of the works, this was not the easiest of projects. The very few problems we had were dealt with quickly and professionally, and this is not just my opinion, a number of the managers on site have expressed the same. Overall, I think a great job carried out by you and your team. I can only hope to welcome you back to the Centre for future projects.

Peter Bell – Victoria Centre

Thank you for such an intrusive and, at times, complicated project in a live busy environment. I would also like to convey my thanks to everyone involved. The very few issues that needed to be raised with you were dealt with swiftly and professionally by Princebuild. Communication has been strong throughout, and a mutual understanding of each other’s challenges has been evident. Well done, and thank you. I personally look forward to hopefully working alongside Princebuild again at some point in the future.

Ian Goodacre – Victoria Centre

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