As well as being a great way to promote our business and affirm our name within the city, the sponsorship deal also demonstrates our commitment to supporting local business, and what better way to do that, than with your home town football club!

The football club shares our passion for success and continuous improvement and has very prominent family values that are important to us in our business too, meaning that the synergy between our company and the club is not just down to location.

Peeby’s Dizzy Penalties Competition

We introduced Peeby’s Penalty Shootout Competition in 2015, which gives you the chance to win £50 worth of vouchers to spend in Peterborough United’s Club Shop.

For the 2019/20 season, we have put a slightly different ‘spin’ on things! It’s still Peeby, it’s still penalties but this time we are going to make you a little dizzy before you take the shot!

It should be great fun so if you think you can keep your head and get a shot on target with everything in a spin, just click on the link and send us your details to be in the draw.