Digital Signage Installation




4 weeks


The Crown Estate


September 2023

Project Overview:

Rushden Lakes, managed by The Crown Estate, is a well-known shopping centre that attracts a diverse range of visitors. Recognising the impact of effective digital signage on customer engagement and marketing initiatives, The Crown Estate initiated a comprehensive project to install state-of-the-art digital signage across key areas of the shopping centre. The project involved the installation of new ducting for power supply and foundation bases for the digital signage units. The choice of foundation bases was crucial to guarantee stability and durability, considering the diverse environmental conditions at Rushden Lakes. The installation process was strategically planned to take place in the evening’s to minimise disruption to the shopping centre’s daily operations. This approach aimed to ensure a seamless and positive shopping experience for visitors throughout the project’s duration.


This project was successfully completed within the specified 4-week timeframe. The strategic planning, efficient execution, and commitment to minimising disruption have resulted in the new digital signage units being positioned in high-traffic areas, enhancing customer engagement and providing a dynamic platform for marketing initiatives.

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