Home Shopping Pods and Canopies




15 weeks




November 2017

In order to facilitate the smooth operation of home shopping facilities for Morrisons delivery staff, Princebuild have constructed new pods and parking facilities for delivery in five Morrisons stores.

The pods provide a direct link from the main store into the carpark allowing customer orders to be picked and put straight into the delivery vans. Canopies for the delivery vehicles and overnight parking areas in the car park were also assembled.

The pods include basket areas adjacent to where the delivery vans pull up as well as refrigerated areas to ensure product freshness is maintained.

The new home delivery pods have been installed in Cleethorpes, Norwich, Kings Lynn, Peterborough, Ipswich and Diss. The Cleethorpes store had a whole new purpose built unit designated for home shopping installed, while the other four stores located the pods and canapes in their respective parking areas.

Morrison’s home shopping service has gone from strength to strength and the service has improved in efficiency as a result of the new additions to each store’s home shopping area.

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