LED Project




6 weeks




September 2023

Amey, a leading facilities management and infrastructure support service provider, recognised the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency in their operations. To align with their commitment to reducing energy consumption and operating costs, Amey engaged Princebuild to undertake a comprehensive LED lighting project across three schools in the Northampton area: Dustons, Standens Barm Primary, and Arbours. The project, carried out over the summer holidays, aimed to upgrade existing lighting systems with energy-efficient LED solutions, replace outdated lamps, and ensure long-term energy and cost savings.

In summary, the LED lighting project by Princebuild in partnership with Amey showcased Amey’s dedication to energy-efficient and sustainable educational facilities. Through LED technology and expert installation, Amey achieved cost savings and enhanced learning environments. This project exemplifies the positive impact of energy-efficient upgrades on educational facilities and the environment.

Testimonial from Robert Williamson, Principle Lifecycle Manager, Amey

“The performance of Prince Energy across the LED Lighting Upgrade Projects over the recent summer period was first-class, especially considering the inherent logistical and technical challenges presented by the projects. The works were completed on schedule, within budget, and to an excellent standard. Credit goes to Gavin Harrison, who provided regular feedback and support to our team on a proactive basis, giving us confidence that all was in hand. We look forward to continuing our working relationship in this manner over the coming academic year.”

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