Changing Places, Queensgate Shopping Centre, Peterborough




5 weeks


Queensgate Shopping Centre, Peterborough (Workman instructed)


June 2024

Project Overview

Changing Places project at Peterborough’s Queensgate Shopping Centre (level 11) involved creating a new, fully equipped changing facility designed to be accessible and comfortable for individuals with disabilities. This project aimed to provide essential amenities, including a toilet, adjustable basin, adjustable bed with a hoist system, and sensor-activated LED lighting.

Scope of Work

New Facility Creation: Constructed a new Changing Places facility on Level 11, including a toilet, adjustable basin, and adjustable bed with a hoist system.
Drainage System: Designed and implemented a gravity drainage system extending from Level 1 to Level 11.
Power Supply Upgrade: Installed and upgraded the distribution board to ensure adequate power supply for the new facilities.
Sensor-Activated LED Lighting: Installed energy-efficient LED lighting with sensor activation.

Project Summary

The Level 11 Changing Places project at Queensgate Shopping Centre was successfully completed within the 5-week timeframe. The project included the construction of a specialised changing facility, the installation of a complex drainage system, and upgrading the power distribution board. One of the biggest challenges was meeting the precise dimensions and floor levels required for the power and waste systems, which were successfully navigated by our skilled team. 

The inclusion of sensor-activated LED lighting added to the facility’s efficiency and modern feel. Despite the technical challenges, the project was delivered on time and met all specifications, ensuring the new facility is fully functional and accessible.

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