Morrisons Fresh Look 2023


£5.5 million (10 stores) - Range per store £290k - £780k


Typically 4 - 6 weeks per store




September 2023

Project Overview:

The project involved a comprehensive overhaul of several Morrisons supermarket locations across different regions. The main objective was to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the buildings’ exteriors and sales areas while simultaneously improving operational efficiency. This encompassed various tasks such as cosmetic enhancements, layout optimisations, signage updates, refrigeration improvements, cleaning, landscaping revitalization, and necessary maintenance work.

Scope of Works:

Cosmetic improvement to the building exteriors and sales areas. Implementing efficient project facilitation measures, including combining prep areas and reconfiguring checkouts to increase self-serve options. Removal of previous floor coverings in sales floors and cafes. Modifications to refrigeration cases and layouts for better efficiency. Installation of new signage and branding elements. Comprehensive external and internal cleaning. Revamping neglected landscaping areas. Addressing roof repairs and other maintenance issues.


The project encountered various challenges, including tight on-site schedules and managing multiple sites simultaneously. Despite these hurdles, meticulous planning and collaboration with the supply chain ensured the successful completion of each store. A key focus was retrofitting refrigeration cases with doors to boost energy efficiency. The project scope expanded significantly, adding pressure to the schedule and supply chain. However, effective management and collaboration with the client’s teams helped alleviate these issues. The project notably enhanced ten Morrisons stores with minimal operational disruption, resulting in improved sales. Client feedback commended the project’s timely delivery, quality, and positive stakeholder response.


James Kirk (Clacton Store): “Overall, a great scheme delivered on time, and great feedback from the senior management team at Morrisons.” Derek Kennedy (Canterbury Store): “A good, well-maintained site and well-run project throughout from Princebuild and well-managed M&E contractors.” Martyn Stott (Cleethorpes Store): “An excellent project from start to finish that was well received by both customers, colleagues, and stakeholders.”

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