Pizza Express, Basingstoke – Conservatory Install & External Refurbishment




14 weeks


Gerald Eve


December 2023

Project Overview:

The Pizza Express project in Basingstoke involved a comprehensive conservatory installation and external refurbishment.

Scope of Work:

The scope of work encompassed various aspects to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the restaurant: New Structural Conservatory: The introduction of a new square conservatory into the existing building, providing a unique and inviting space for customers and collections. Refurbishment and Decoration of Timber Cladding: Aesthetic improvements were made through the refurbishment and decoration of existing timber cladding, adding a fresh look to the external facade. New Roof: A significant portion of the roof was replaced to ensure structural integrity and weather resistance. New Insulated Slab for Conservatory: The installation of a new insulated slab contributed to energy efficiency and comfort within the newly added conservatory space. Procurement of the Conservatory: Despite facing a challenge with the procurement process, the team successfully navigated a delay of four weeks in acquiring the conservatory.


The project presented unique challenges, particularly with the procurement timeline for the conservatory. However, the team’s dedication and problem-solving skills allowed for successful completion within the stipulated 14-week timeframe. The addition of the conservatory not only provided a watertight space but also enhanced the overall aesthetics of the entrance for both customers and collections.

Managing this project was an engaging experience, overcoming hurdles and delivering a final result that left the end client, Pizza Express, highly satisfied. The successful collaboration between all stakeholders ensured the project’s success, turning challenges into opportunities for improvement. This case exemplifies our commitment to delivering quality solutions even in the face of unexpected challenges, ultimately leaving a positive impact on both the client and the end users.

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