Supermarket Refurbishment


£2.3 million


7 weeks




October 2023

The project at Waitrose in Cobham was a comprehensive endeavour aimed at revitalising the store’s interior and exterior. Internal renovations included a redesigned sales floor layout with state-of-the-art shelving, upgraded food service areas meeting the latest Waitrose specifications, and the installation of energy-efficient refrigeration cases and plant systems. Structural enhancements extended to roof and car park maintenance, ensuring the facility’s overall integrity.

A key aspect of our approach was minimising closure time for the store and ensuring uninterrupted service to the local community. External refurbishments concluded the project, introducing new signage, fencing, trolley shelters, and bicycle hoops. This multifaceted approach not only improved the internal shopping experience but also fortified the facility’s infrastructure and visual appeal. The revitalised look of the branch, crafted with a customer-centric approach, received positive feedback from both the client and the local community, underscoring the success of thoughtfully made decisions. These decisions, which encompassed eco-friendly installations, underscored our commitment to excellence and innovation.


Sarah from Waitrose said the following – I’ve had the best time having you guys work with us and I will definitely miss having you all around! What you deliver is incredible and I am always in awe of the information you guys have about what’s going on down to the tiniest details – even the sprigets.

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