Welfare Facilities Refurbishment




5 weeks




May 2024

Project Overview:

Coveris, a leading sustainable packaging a company, identified the need to upgrade the welfare facilities at their Wisbech facility. The aim was to replace the existing facilities with high-end, modern amenities to improve the overall workplace environment. The project had a strict timeline, requiring completion within a six-week turnaround.

Scope of Work:

The project encompassed several key elements to meet Coveris’ requirements. Firstly, the existing floors and ceilings were to be replaced with upgraded materials. This included the installation of a heated ceiling panel to enhance comfort during the colder months. High-end toilets were specified to align with Coveris’ standards, ensuring a consistent experience across their sites. One of the challenges faced during the project was the need to minimise disruption, particularly due to the proximity of the toilets to Coveris’ reception area. To address this, the project team implemented measures to keep dust and noise to a minimum, maintaining a tidy working environment throughout the duration of the project.

In addition to the basic upgrades, innovative features were incorporated into the design to further enhance the user experience. Gradually, light sensors were installed to provide gentle transitions in lighting, improving comfort and energy efficiency. Furthermore, a damp-proof membrane was added to the flooring to prevent moisture issues, ensuring the longevity of the new facilities.

Throughout the project, close collaboration between the client and the project team was crucial to ensuring that the final outcome met Coveris’ expectations. Regular communication and site visits allowed for any issues or concerns to be addressed promptly, resulting in a successful implementation.


The replacement of the male and female toilets at Coveris’ Wisbech facility was executed with precision and attention to detail. Despite the strict six-week timeline, the project was completed on schedule, meeting all requirements. The new facilities not only reflect the company’s commitment to providing a high-quality workplace environment but also serve as a benchmark for future restroom upgrades across their sites. Overall, the successful completion of this project demonstrates the effectiveness of proactive planning, effective communication, and collaborative teamwork.


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