Extension and Refurbishment of St Albans Store

Extension and Refurbishment of St Albans Store 

Project: Extension and Refurbishment of St Albans Store
Value: £3,200,000
Duration: 22 weeks
Client: Morrisons
Completed: November 2017
As part of drive to improve customer experience and strengthen the brand, Morrisons continue to refit and refresh their stores, incorporating additional services to offer customers a one-stop-shop experience.
Princebuild were tasked with the refurbishment of the St Albans store, which also incorporated an extension to the main store and to the petrol station to convert it into a ‘Daily’ store.
The 22 week project included structural changes to extend the front entrance and side of the store, this allowed for a new pharmacy retail unit to be installed and also for the customer toilets to be relocated. With some further internal re arrangements this created an additional 400m2 of sales floor.
During the building works alternative arrangements were made so that customers could still access all the usual facilities, this included temporary toilets, alternative store access and the provision of a Barrista bar while the store café was being upgraded.
The café received a full refurbishment in-line with current branding and was also fitted with a new kitchen. All market street preparation areas were re-tiled and adjustments made to the counters to improve visibility for customers.
The store remained fully operational throughout the refurbishment with our own project team working closely with the staff on site to ensure the project ran smoothly and no disruption to trading was encountered.
The store was finished on schedule to a high specification finish. The store has been much improved as a result of the work and all parties were very happy with the finish.

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