Phase 5 sprinkler upgrades at centre:mk - Eagle & Field Walk

Hermes CMK General Partner Ltd
Phase 5 sprinkler upgrades at centre:mk - Eagle & Field Walk 

Project: Phase 5 sprinkler upgrades at centre:mk - Eagle & Field Walk
Value: £3,180,000
Duration: 48 weeks
Client: Hermes CMK General Partner Ltd
Completed: September 2019
Following the successful completion of the previous four phases, phase five of the sprinkler replacement works focussed on the Eagle and Field Walk areas of the centre which lie either side of the events area, Middleton Hall.

The project involved the replacement of the existing sprinkler system and associated life safety systems on Eagle and Field Walk as well as to the back of house areas and plant rooms surrounding this area of the mall.

The existing ‘dry’ pipework was replaced like for like with a ‘wet’ system with additional pipework added to correctly zone Landlord area protection. The project also included installation of new fire detection, PAVA, emergency lighting system, cable containment and lighting busbar.

All sprinkler pipework from the previous installation to various shop unit zone control valves were replaced including replacement/installation of 16 new control valve sets that serve the mall of Eagle and Field Walk, back of house and Tenant and other Landlord areas.

The project also included:
  • The installation of trace heating and lagging in all unheated/back of house spaces, as well as throughout the mall areas.
  • The Testing and review of the isolation valve monitoring system, which are within the tenant’s demise.
  • An environmental clean of all plant rooms.

  • Where possible lights within the mall were re-used or re-lamped rather than being fully replaced and the installation also included features to make future works more straight forward. For example the containment installed above the ceiling has space for additional cabling and access hatches were created every 6m within the ceiling to provide convenient access for future works or maintenance.
    As in the previous phases of this project one of the major challenges was completing the works whilst causing no disruption to the retail units or general public with the centre.

    Due to the restaurants and other facilities within centre:mk the malls are open to the public for much of the day and night. Both walks affected by works are also situated either side of Middleton Hall where the centre regularly hold events.

    Constant communication was maintained between the centre and the Princebuild project team, this included a handover at the start of every day shift with the centre’s cleaning supervisors to ensure all areas were suitable and safe for public use again.

    A bespoke fire resistant sheeting was again utilised successfully, it was attached to a zip wire fixed centrally to the lower mall ceilings. During the daytime it served to conceal the works above the ceilings from the public and during the evening when works were in progress it provided protection to the shop fronts from dust and debris.

    The project was completed successfully and on time and with minimal disruption to the centre, its tenants or the general public.

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