We are thrilled to proudly announce and celebrate our outstanding Green Card Winners for December, January, and February: Chris, Michael, and Ben!

December’s Winner: Chris Bell

Chris demonstrated exceptional responsiveness and compassion by swiftly assisting his colleague, Steve Dicks, during a recent illness.

January’s Winner: Michael Antcliffe

Michael achieved success in the completion of the Victoria Centre job, earning praise and complimentary feedback from both the client team and the centre team upon project completion.

February’s Winner: Ben Maltby

Ben has been recognised for his exemplary work at VIVO, receiving excellent feedback. His meticulous attention to detail and unwavering work ethic serve as a model for others. Ben has consistently handled every task with excellence, maintaining a professional and respectful demeanour. His conduct has earned him high regard from everyone at VIVO.

Let’s join together in extending our congratulations to Chris, Michael, and Ben for their exceptional contributions and achievements. Your dedication and exemplary work set a standard that inspires us all. Well done!