We are thrilled to announce and celebrate our outstanding Green Card Winners for March, April, May, and June: Matthew, Charlie, Elisha, and Dave! Here is a round-up of their remarkable achievements:

March’s Winner: Matthew Wilson
Matthew stepped up and took control of a critical situation where we were let down by an agency manager on an important job, despite being very new to the role. His proactive approach and leadership have set a high bar for us all.

April’s Winner: Charlie Green
Charlie has consistently maintained high-quality standards and provided excellent customer service and communication at Laurel Dene Care Home. His dedication to excellence ensures that our clients receive the best care and support.

May’s Winner: Elisha Temple
Elisha showed great initiative with her suggestion for the Good Catch system. Her innovative thinking and proactive approach have contributed to improving our processes and ensuring safety.

June’s Winner: Dave Harris
Dave demonstrated outstanding compliance with the lower speed limits of a commercial vehicle. His commitment to safety and adherence to regulations exemplifies our core values and dedication to responsible practices.

Congratulations to all of them for their exceptional contributions and achievements. Well done!