Gold Fleet Status awarded for third year running

Gold Fleet Status awarded for third year running

October 5, 2020

We are proud to announce that Princebuild Limited has been certified as Gold Fleet Status by Masternaut for the third year running.

The certification is awarded for reducing CO2 emissions year on year and also for operating an efficient fleet compared to other companies. Due to our investment in patented fuel monitoring technology we have reduced our CO2e emissions by 49,462 kg in 2019 compared to 2018 levels.

Masternaut’s certification serves as recognition of all the hard work and investment that the company has put in to improving the efficiency of the fleet. This includes providing driver training to all new employees, the acquisition of more efficient vehicles and reviewing telematics data with drivers and monitoring driver performance and style. Additional investments made by the company to further reduce the impact business travel has on the environment include the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Points at our offices for use by clients or staff with electric or hybrid vehicles and the replacement of the company pool vehicle with a purely electric vehicle.

Masternaut’s Fleet CO2 Certification Programme is based on exact fuel and distance data collected directly from the vehicle by their patented CAN clip technology. This system has been verified by the Energy Saving Trust.

For more information about reducing fuel consumption and COemissions see the Masternaut Blog.