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IKEA choose Princebuild Ltd

October 30, 2009

In amongst the many letters that David Boyd (Small Works Response Manager, Peterborough) sent out in February 2008, introducing Princebuild Ltd to prospective clients, there was one which would considerably change the face of his department. Little did David realise that by contacting IKEA at Milton Keynes he would set in motion a chain of events which would result in a substantial contract with this major provider of household furniture.

It just so happened that IKEA were looking for a preferred contractor for the installation of their kitchens. Being impressed by the content of David’s letter an invitation was sent to us to attend an introductory meeting. Many such meetings later with various presentations to the senior management of IKEA coupled with a visit by them to our Peterborough and Gosberton offices led to the signing of a one year contract in January 2009 offered by the Milton Keynes store.

We are delighted to report that the arrangement between our two Companies has been highly successful. Since inception we have installed 55 kitchens with another 44 currently being actioned and turnover for this first year is expected to top £200,000. Our performance has received such positive feedback from IKEA head office that we have now installed kitchens on behalf of their stores based in Coventry, Wembley and Bristol.

Discussions are now underway with IKEA to include bathroom installations in 2010. This development would appear to indicate that our client intends to continue this valuable relationship into the future and we congratulate everyone involved, particularly David and Glen Baker who have been instrumental in this success story.