Princebuild Ltd supports Building Brilliance Awards

Building brilliance awards

Princebuild Ltd supports Building Brilliance Awards

May 25, 2014

Boston College construction students got the chance toshowcase their skills and experience in construction at the end of year awards day sponsored by Princebuild.

A total of 85 students took part in the event, which was the second of its kind to be hosted by the college for its construction department following the successful 2013 competition.

The day was made possible with support from World Skills UK who delivered a master class for course teachers and included Boston College as a case study in its Winning Ways publication.

Princebuild’s company human resource manager,Barbara Mehew, attended the day and judged the plumbing competition.

She said: “I was delighted to be asked to judge and to see how far the students have come. We have a very close working relationship with the college and the students know us well as a result of our apprenticeships and the joint training schemes we run.”

The event fits with Boston College’s long-term Raising Aspirations strategy, which features competitions to help students’ motivation. The day was combined with an awards ceremony to celebrate progress across all classes in the construction department.

In addition to the plumbing class competition, there were class awards for in brickwork, carpentry and joinery as well as an overall construction award, an employability award, and awards for attendance.

Mandy Skayman, advanced practitioner and lecturer in construction at the college, said: “The day was 100 per cent positive and we have had feedback from all the students involved who have noticed a real positive difference in their outcomes from the increased level of focus that a competition brings.”

“They often don’t realise how much they’ve learnt until they put their skills and abilities to the test in a competitive environment.”

She added: “Princebuild’s input has been invaluable and shows our students that local employers are interested in them and their futures. We would like to thank Princebuild and all of the supporters involved.”

The local branch of Travis Perkins donated the prizes for the plumbing competition on Princebuild’s behalf supplying a pipe bender, two pipe slices and a pair of pliers to the successful students.