We recently started a 10-week refurbishment project at Waitrose in Caterham. Demonstrating a strong sense of community spirit, the team, alongside their client John Lewis Partnership – Waitrose, extended their support to a local charity, The Westway Centre, which had been facing issues with roof leaks and needed some areas redecorated.

The Westway Centre, a vital community and wellbeing hub in Caterham, provides essential services and leisure activities to the residents of North Tandridge and surrounding areas. The Centre hosts numerous local community groups and is operated by a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

Recognising the importance of the centre’s role in the community, we stepped in to address the urgent repairs. A few weekends ago, the team worked diligently to repair the ceilings in several offices and redecorate the main hallways, corridors, and two primary halls where the majority of the centre’s activities and programmes are held. This ensured that the centre was fully operational by Monday morning, minimising disruption to its services.

About the Westway Centre

The Westway Centre is a community hub in Caterham, offering a range of wellbeing services and leisure activities to residents of North Tandridge and surrounding areas. Run by a local Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), the centre hosts various local community groups and plays a pivotal role in fostering community spirit and providing support to local residents.


Thank you so very much for the decorating done over the weekend. As a charity money is always tight and your help has been greatly appreciated.

The trustees of the charity have also asked me to pass on their personal thanks. Tony Pearce